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About the Blog

What makes it smarter?

I am a huge supporter of looking inside one’s self to find what makes a person truly happy.  Many times we feel tied by the shackles of the external forces.  In a perfect world, we would know that the things happening around us are neither good nor bad and it’s only our reactions that give the positive or negative connotation.  Making a jump from the real world to the ideal world is a difficult transition.  If the world has kicked you down, it is really hard to see that you can take control.  You can still be the next president, CEO, or soccer mom.  So how is this smarter?  I try to write on topics that help you see where you are in life and start taking control of the things you can.  As time goes on you will have found yourself the master of the universe.  If you can control everything about your life, wouldn’t you agree that you can control your happiness?  I dare you to try.