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The Power of Being Friendly to Strangers

When I travel alone, I have a tendency to strike up conversations with the people around me.  It can be as quick as a joke with the security personnel to a deep conversation with my neighbor on a plane.  Traveling really stresses a lot of people out so I go the extra mile to carry a smile.  I don’t enjoy being in close proximity to grumpy/sad people so it’s my little selfish way to improve the environment surrounding me.

Today I was flying back from the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas and had a lunchtime layover in Houston.  I got a giant piece of lasagna (which was awesome, btw) from their cafeteria and snagged a spot at the bar.  Shortly after sitting, a woman sat across from me and then another man next to her.  We were all about 1/2 way done and she leaned over referring to his food and said, “that is the biggest potato I’ve ever seen.”   I let out a quick laugh and responded with, “well you know everything is bigger in Texas.”  Everyone chuckled and we began discussing other venues where you can purchase large baked potatoes.  Eventually the conversation drifted into, “what brings you to Houston?”  It turns out that we were both exhibitors at MAGIC and on our way home.  She works for a designer who makes very unique, limited-run suits for men.  Her brand has been attending the shows and she told me that they didn’t have as much success this year as in previous years, but they still had a great response.  The response I got from the shoes I represent was dismal compared to hers, but I was still excited because our brand is relatively new in the US.

As the conversation continued, she gave me all sorts of information about how they handle their booth and what they do to ensure success.  She asked for my card so she could send me her catalog and I’ll send ours as soon as it is done.  This is when the magic happened.  Her company has been looking for shoes that can be matched with their suits so they can sell the image of a complete outfit.  We think they might be a good fit.  If everything works out, our shoes will be included in their advertising and they will help us sell our shoes to the stores who carry their suits.

I had no idea who this person was or that she would be in any sort of position to give me anything besides a smile.  I wasn’t expecting a single thing in return. Without knowing it, I met someone who wants to help me grow my business.  How awesome is that?

If you can find a way to be kind in an otherwise unkind environment, you’ll have made another step towards infinite happiness. And you never know, sometimes the people you meet will go out of their way to make your day.

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