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Reverse Discrimination is still Discrimination

Throughout my life I’ve been told that you shouldn’t treat anyone better or worse based on their race, religion, color, gender, accent, hair color, musical taste, or anything else for that matter.  It is something I believe in and try to exemplify each day.  If that weren’t true, I wouldn’t be friends with a guy who thinks I’m cute or with Fred my car detailer.

Today I was doing research on the elections that are happening in my home town.  Two gentlemen are running for mayor.  One fella is named Craig Lowe and he is openly gay.  If he gets elected, he will be the first openly-gay mayor in Gainesville, FL.  His opponent, Don Marsh, is slightly right of center and is your “traditional” american man.  He has been married to his wife for 32 years, owns his own business, and is a Christian church-goer.

I know people who would discriminate against each of those men for things I just mentioned above.  Some people would vote against Lowe because he is gay and they would ignore all other issues.  I also know people who would vote against Marsh simply because he believes in God.  Most people don’t talk about that sort of discrimination because they know it’s not socially accepted.

It blows my mind that the opposite seems acceptable.  I know of people who will vote for Lowe because he is gay.  I also know people who will vote for Marsh because he is Christian.  I’ve never seen someone publicly call out this sort of behavior.  How is it any less discriminatory to vote for someone because they’re like you, than to vote against someone because they’re unlike you?  By voting for the person that is like you, technically you’re discriminating against the other party.  If you vote for Lowe because he is gay, that’s the same as voting against Marsh because he is straight.  Voting against Marsh for being straight is no better than voting against Lowe for being gay.

During the last presidential election, people claimed their support for Hilary Clinton because she was a woman or for Barrack Obama because he was black.  We would never allow someone to say, “I’ll never vote for a woman, ” but we do allow, “I’ll never vote for a man.”  The double standard blows my mind.  And just so I cut this off at the pass, past wrongs or past discrimination to not make it OK to discriminate in the opposite direction now.  That is a childish stance.  Be a big person and say with me that any discrimination is bad.

Real Voting Principles

Since things like race, creed, and color create discrimination no matter which direction you take.  So what should we focus on?

We need to focus on principles and issues.  Lowe has a strong focus on the environment.  Marsh has a strong focus on the economy.  Lowe wants to make us a greener and happier community.  Marsh wants to create jobs and lower the cost of living.  Choose which man (or woman, but not in this instance) has the set of principles that you believe in.  Vote for the person who you believe would stand up for those things you value most and ignore the superficial things.

I’m Chris and I’m neither gay nor Christian, but I’m proud that I’ll be voting for the man who I think will tackle the issues that concern me the most.

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